moonjihad (moonjihad) wrote,

Eep, March already?

Seeing as it is already March and I haven't written something that doesn't consist of a few sentences barely tied together over the last few months, I figured I could write as to why I haven't been updating. The answer can be summarized in two words, Real Life™, but what exactly have I been doing? Read on.

For starters, I have a job now, which means a sizable chunk of my free time has been taken away. You are probably wondering where I work and the answer is only a few words away : this is where I work and currently, I am working on the Mac version of a franchise which sold millions of copies(Myst V : End of Ages).

Besides work, I have a girlfriend, who is probably the most awesome girl : she's caring, she's nice and she's good looking as well. What more could I ask for?

Also, I have many other projects at the same time, some of which are consuming time on a frequent basis and some of which are not. Considering I'll actually have more projects later this year, I'll probably won't be able to update here on a frequent basis.

Anyway, enjoy life, because I know I do.

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