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February Update of Doom™

Well, it has been exactly a month since the last update and since I have some time today, I believe it's time for an update. Therefore, I have decided to fling more of my usual irreverent irrelevance onto this shoddy canvas I call my webpage.

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Seeing as nearly all my time is eaten by real life and I spend the rest of it sleeping and probably dreaming about megaman eromanga, I don't even have any content whatsoever for this update. I could say that I read an interesting article but then again, that doesn't really fit it with my debonair and sexy eromanga-addict image.

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It appears for some reason that I have lost all motivation whatsoever to do random acts of, well, whatever you call the usual stuff I write here. I don't even remember what I used to write here anyway, so I guess we're even somehow. So for this reason, let's just pretend that I am writing something interesting.

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Now that I think of it, it was chinese new year a couple of days ago, and this year we're a particular year... I believe the following image speaks for itself.


Videogame Toys and Figures

There you have it folks. Year of the cock. Best funny update ever. Cock. lol. Remember that all your base are belong to me.

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