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Wait, we're in 2005 now?

It recently occured to me that we're now in the year 2005. Apparently, it only took me twelve days this year to notice the change in year(it took me nearly a month last year). Brace yourself for yet another meaningless and boring update, because I have no idea as to what the hell I will write in the other paragraphs.

Five years have elapsed since the first digit of our era changed to two and everything seems pretty much the same since then. We haven't been squashed by the dreaded Y2K bug, nor do we have flying cars or anything that was predicted for the incredibly advanced and high-tech new millenium.

Considering this, I will say that in the next five years, absolutely nothing of importance will happen. Each year only seems to bring a small incremental change so that we can look back twenty years back and laugh at how primitive we used to be and at how much better we are now, but besides that, nothing really changes.

For some reason, though, I will say that 2005 will be the best year ever, with absolutely no basis to base that affirmation on. I have taken a couple of new year resolutions that I haven't forgotten yet, which seems pretty promising considering that we are almost two weeks into the new year. Of course, there are still fifty other weeks to go and I'm sure that I'll forget them by then.

I have decided that I should really live life to its fullest and stop worrying about everything. I mean, it took me a decade to fully realize what carpe diem meant and now I look back and see how much time I have wasted worrying about things I don't even care about anymore.

This probably means that I won't update here really often for this new year. It's not that I hate people who read this page but rather because my supply of free time has shrunk to almost nothing and that I have other things to do. On the other hand, Firefox now has RSS support so you won't have to waste time clicking on this page every now and then, only to notice that I haven't written anything because I am a lazy bastard.

To be honest, I don't really have a motivation to write anymore either. It's been over a year since LNS went down under and I have no idea as to what happened to Ren and wall. Perhaps they are dead or perhaps they got eaten by real life. I don't know, to be honest.

Anyway, 2005 will be a great new year, so enjoy life and take care. I know I will.

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