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A weekend on the Big Island

Last weekend was interesting, to say the least. It all began last Friday, when I went to the arcade after work.

I was supposed to meet a friend of mine there but unfortunately he didn't show up. After playing a couple of games of Dance Dance Revolution, I got bored and decided to head for the nearest Burger King. When I arrived at the counter, I greeted the girl behind the counter; her name was Tania. I don't really believe in superstition, but it seemed as if it was a sign of things to come.

The next morning, I started packing my things so that I wouldn't be missing anything during the weekend. Then, I walked to get to my ride. After two hours of sitting in the backseat of a car and talking with the other passenger about random things, I finally arrived at the Big Island.

Upon my arrival, I realized that I was a really strange place. At least, I was an hour early so I proceeded to explore the nearby shopping mall called Place Versailles. The shopping mall seemed almost like a normal place except for a small boutique named kokawaii. At first sight, it seems like a normal girls clothing store, at least until you noticed the mannequins. Usually, mannequins attempt to simulate a normal human figure. However, these mannequins had eerily large anime styled eyes, which sent a shiver down my spine when the thought of people buying clothes because they saw them on such a mannequin sprung up in my mind.

After wasting three quarters of an hour at the shopping mall, I went to the metro station where I was supposed to meet with Tania (not at all related to the Burger King clerk). I quickly noticed that it was a gargantuan maze of concrete tunnels, stairways and revolving doors. Luckily, I managed to find Tania in the continuous ebb and flow of people.

I was shocked : she was so cute. We introduced each other, then headed to the arcade to feed the local Dance Dance Revolution machine. After stomping on plexiglass tiles for some time, we took a walk outside in search of something to do. We didn't really find anything to do, but we talked for quite a while.

We found ourselves getting hungrier and hungrier as time passed, so we went to a local restaurant. There, we kept on talking and ordered hamburgers. After eating, I accompanied her to her bus stop. As we were talking about strange events occurring in our respective cities, some weird minivan-limousine hybrid passed by and its passengers yelled "what's up motherfuckers?"

Once she was gone, I called one of my friends to crash at his place. He showed me his new LCD monitor and his dual head setup. As we couldn't sleep, we headed for a nearby McDonald's to eat hamburgers at midnight.

The next morning, I thanked my friend and went to see another one. We played some Magical Drop 3 then ate at a Lebanese restaurant. I am not sure whether my stomach was revolting against the Lebanese food or its previous streak of junk food, but it really seemed unhappy about something. Then, we went walking towards the Chinatown as my friend wanted to go grab some Pocky.

I only had a couple hours left in my stay on the Big Island and I was getting increasingly worried that I managed to screw up yesterday's date. As my worries were reaching their paroxysm, we arrived at the end of the Chinatown. Two pay phones stood there.

I wasn't certain that I should call her. On one hand, I would be able to get some feedback as whether or not I screwed up the date. On the other, I was worried that I would be so nervous that I would screw up the phone call as well. After debating with myself for a couple of minutes, much to my friend's annoyance, I decided to call.

Finally, it turned out that my worries were unfounded and the feeling was mutual. As soon as I heard her say these comforting words, my stomach went back to normal and I smiled for all the ride back home.

When I arrived, I talked a little with her and with Rei, who told me that shy guys are cute (they are?). In a nutshell, this was my weekend, punctuated with bliss and nervousness.

I wish that my writing skill would be a little better, as this bland description doesn't really do this weekend any justice at all.

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