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A week of hacking, coughing and slothfulness

I spent all of last week at home due to a nasty cold I cought. It gave me the occasion to catch up on some of the things I have been meaning to do, namely taking rest and indulging in a gaming and anime-watching binge.

It all began last Saturday, when I came back from work with a badly sore throat from speaking all day with random people from all over the world. (Fun fact: Japanese people write their signature with kanji) Now, I have no clue as how I even got home that day, considering I was confused as hell and lost my health insurance card while returning home. Come to think of it, pretty much of all I remember from that day was taking painkillers for a throbbing headache and telling about three hundred conventioneers that, due to craptastic planning, we can't serve them and we have to mail them the tapes of the conferences because we are supposed to have everything packed up in an hour, even though the tapes are not in a state of being packed up and are prominently sitting right behind us on a table. In that line of work, you can easily tell when people are satisfied with the service you give them and when they are amazed by the pure dadaism of the situation. I'll let you decide which of these situations occured.

When I got home, I jumped into bed and woke up about four or five days later. Okay, this is an oversimplification of things, but seeing as I spent about ten hours awake during my sleeping phase, there isn't much to talk about. This brings us to yesterday or maybe the day before. I don't really remember nor do I particularily care as I'm high on sickness and only partly grounded in reality, which makes it better because I can spout any old crap without having the pesky superego restrain my id in any way. Whopper®.

Now during the last few days of half-lucidity, I remember playing a lot of games, but I'll talk about the ones that I remember, as I probably don't remember playing, say, Sentimental Shooting or Brave Soul. Now, I do remember playing Uplink, which is some kind of hacking game set in the future. Unlike most games set in a cypherpunk universe, this one seems to have some kind of link with reality, unlike the ones that have people running around with datajacks in the cyberspace. The game is fun, although it gets repetitive.

Another game I have been playing is Demo World : The Legend Continues, which is a modified version of Super Mario World on the SNES, albeit much harder and with references to Super Mario Bros 3. It's pretty fun. Besides that, I played Beatmania, which is, well, Beatmania.

I also mentioned that I watched some anime, which consisted of 17 episodes of Planetes, one episode of Uchuu no Stellvia, one of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, most of Excel Saga and six episodes of Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu. That's pretty much it. It's still almost 20 hours of anime in two days, which borderlines on "crazy no-life otaku". I blame it all on the cold.

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