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Random Update

Apparently, I haven't written an update here in quite a while and a couple of things have happened so I figured I could write about them so that the whole Internet knows random pointless trivialities about my life — not that it's interesting.

So what has happened since the last update? Not a whole lot, actually. There has been a large amount of banalities, none of which warrant an update on their own, so in some kind of dadaesque logic, I'll pack them into a gigantic wad of irrelevance, throw it on the web and promptly proceed to get attacked by the machinegun-wielding thug force of the Internet police.

Actually, I had written two updates, which I hadn't published due to the fact that they consisted of vitriolic rants full of superfluous pleonasms about x where x {ZoneAlarm,ATI drivers} . Also, they tended to break into digressive ramblings of delusional errata, fueled by furious rage, caffeine and lack of sleep. And poor and incoherent sentence structure.

Back on the track of idiosyncratic commonplacism and other sesquipedalianisms, I went to a LAN party which eventually turned into a kindergarten for pale postpubescent ineptitudes and prepubescent female chatterboxes with the tact of a sledgehammer. After hearing "Speed over Beethoven" for the 42nd time in a single evening and hearing half-drunk gamers yell over the obnoxious music blaring, we packed our things and left for greener pastures, which led us to a soft and pillowy heaven.

After that, I bought a new mouse to replace my old one, which tended to creak when moving sideways. So now I have a new mouse, which doesn't squeak but is still as unergonomic as my previous one. I wonder why they make mice so small that one has to bend their wrist when using one.

On the other hand, one of my friends got a new xbox and I got to see the whole thing for the first time. I'm a couple of years late to the party but those controllers are gargantuan. They're not uncomfortable, but I can't reach the middle buttons while having access to the shoulder ones, in case I really need to pause in the middle of some shoulder button mashing.

I also played Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Laude which, in retrospect, was a rather worthless game. Unlike the previous iterations of the series, it's a brainless game which consists of playing several reflex-based minigames with Larry spewing cliched worn out lines, instead of having to think about what to do like the adventure games Sierra used to pump out in the 80's and 90's.

Besides that, I have been working on some personal projects, some of which will make it onto the web at some point in time. While I won't talk about specifics right now, I will say that CAS is neat and that what I am currently working on uses directed graphs.

Well, Workrave just told me to get off the computer, so I am going to be doing just that. I'll try to write here on a more frequent basis, which I haven't done over the last couple of weeks. Later!

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