moonjihad (moonjihad) wrote,

The Cat That Came Out Of Nowhere

Today, when eating supper, I went back to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. As I was heading towards the kitchen, a black shadow zoomed near my feet and went straight out the door. I turned towards the half-opened door and to my surprise, the neighbor's black cat was staring at me with its almost glowing green eyes. It seemed hesitant and somewhat afraid; I assume it felt the same apprehension and adrenalin rush when facing the unknown as we do.

It stood there, in an apprehensive stance. It didn't look terrified, but it didn't look as if it was about to take a nap either. What a beautiful animal. It simply stood there, ready to flee yet observing what was going on, satisfying its innate curiosity.

It wasn't the first time I saw that cat either. It often hunts in the corridor, hiding within the carpet's patterns, ready to jump on them if they ever moved. Of course, they don't, so it is only overlooking the same patterns over and over again, yet it never tires of it. Perhaps some day, the patterns will decide to conduct a secret blitzkrieg and the black cat will save us from the deadly patterns.

Until then, the black cat is keeping watch in the long corridor of the apartment building. We keep going to our daily occupations, while out there, the black cat is there, keeping us safe and ignorant from the menace of carpet patterns.

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