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IncrediLATE Update(tm)

Yet another late update! I have been busy over the last days doing all kinds of things, such as hanging out with friends, setting up networking stuff and burying corp... erm, nevermind the last part. So here's the overview of the last five days or so.

Saturday, I was talking with one of my friends and we decided to raid a store in Montréal for computer hardware so I could get a new computer. After a couple hours of highway madness and getting lost in Longueuil, we finally arrived at Ordicentre. There, we bought enough hardware to build myself a computer, namely:

  • Some random case(the store bought back the PSU for 15$)

  • A 350W Enermax PSU

  • An AMD Athlon XP 2600 (Barton 333MHz FSB)

  • A MSI GeForce FX5200

  • A 160Gb Maxtor SATA drive

  • Two 512Mb Samsung DDR400 sticks

  • An Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard

It all rung up to a total of 912$CAD(about USD$700). I'll probably get a legion of overclockers commenting things like "OMG GeForce FX is teh sucks LOLOL OVERCLOCK YUOR POWERSUPPLY", without considering the fact that:

  1. I am mostly using this computer to work, so I couldn't care less about having a fast GPU or playing Doom 3

  2. Having a computer that sounds like a jet taking off and looks like a riced car is distracting, especially when working

  3. This particular video card has no fan, unlike the GeForce 15734891 Deluxe Ultra Turbo which requires being in a windtunnel for proper cooling

So my computer is silent enough, and by that, I mean that my 3Com hub makes more noise than my computer. But back to our story. We went back to my friend's place in Drummondville and assembled everything. One of the memory sticks was bad, so we planned to go back to Longueuil the next day.

Sunday, we discussed with my friend's roommate and we were to grab a new motherboard and a 512mb stick of RAM for him while we RMAed the defective stick. What shocked us was that the stick of RAM worked perfectly in the store. Argh!

Back to Drummondville, we realized that the warranty sticker was shorting out the pins of a RAM module, so we peeled off a part of it and it magically worked. Sigh. Well, at least my friend's roommate has a brand new stick of RAM with a magical sticker dysfunction, heh.

Monday, I was back in Quebec city with a brand new fully functional computer. I then realized I was missing a CAT5 cable to connect both my new computer and my older Duron. Furthermore, Monday was a holiday so there was no way of getting an Ethernet cable. Looks like the Duron took a well earned rest after being powered on nonstop for a couple of months.

I also installed the service pack 2 for Windows XP, which promptly turned my computer into a BSoD machine. Oh well, yet another Windows reinstall won't kill me anyway.

Tuesday, I woke up a 5:30AM to go to work. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to come work that day, since they hadn't confirmed or something like that. I came back home, slept for a few hours then headed to the local electronics store to get a crimptool and some RJ45 connectors. Back home, I crimped two cables. With my craptastic networking skills, I had to remake one connector but at least everything worked.

Wednesday, I configured Windows XP and started moving my profile from my Duron onto the new computer. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Since you read all of this big entry, contact me and I'll give a Gmail invite to the first three people to request an invitation.

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