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Searching Quickly With Mozilla And Firefox

Do you find yourself searching frequently on the same website or wanted a way to be able to have the information from a particular website handy? If you are using Firefox or Mozilla, information has never been so close to you. Using specially crafted bookmarks, you can enter commands in your location bar which will take you directly to the results page. For example, on my copy of Mozilla, I can type “am orbital” and I will end up directly on AllMusic's page for Orbital.

How do you make these bookmarks? It's pretty easy. Here is one of these bookmarks.


Take a look at the bookmark. There are two things to notice: the bookmark's location contains “%s” and the keyword is set to “xe”. This means that if I enter “xe 125”, I will be taken to

Let's make one for the conversion of Korean Won to Canadian Dollars(or any two other currency of your own choice). Open notepad and then head to the currency converter page on XE. Press Ctrl U to view the source for the page.

This should bring up a lot of HTML, which you may or may not be familiar with. Don't worry, it's not too complicated. Press Ctrl F and search for “<input”. This should bring up a line like <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Amount" VALUE="1" SIZE=10>. The NAME="Amount" tells us that the variable for the amount we are converting is called “Amount”. Not very surprising, is it? In notepad, write “Amount=%s”. This will tell us that the amount will be the value we enter when using the bookmark.

A little below this line, we can see <SELECT NAME="From" SIZE=5 onChange="CheckMore()">, followed by a list of items like <OPTION VALUE="KRW">KRW Korea (South) Won</OPTION>. As we can see from the SELECT element, the name for the variable of the currency we are converting from is called “From”. We also need to give it a value, which is given in the OPTION element. In this case, the value we want is “KRW”. In notepad, write “From=KRW”.

Find the value for the currency we want to convert to. If you did it correctly, you should have “To=CAD”. We only need a last thing: the URL of the form. Search for “<form” (you probably will have to enable wrap around when searching). This should dig up <FORM name="ucc" METHOD=POST ACTION="">. What we need is the part after ACTION: “”. Copy and paste it in notepad.

So we have four elements in notepad : “Amount=%s”, “From=KRW”, “To=CAD” and “”. We need to combine these four elements into a single one. To do this, simply take the URL, then append a question mark to it and then add the variables, separated by amperstands(&). You should obtain something like this: “”.

We're almost done! We just need to add this address as a bookmark. Go in Bookmarks → Manage Bookmarks… then add a new bookmark there. Put anything as the name, our previous URL( as the location and anything you want as a keyword(I used “xek”). Now, whenever you want to know how much that Korean robot of doom costs, you can simply enter “xek 1500000” in a new tab.

Since you read all of this, here are some pre-made bookmarks. Feel free to share yours!

Google (g)

Google's I'm feeling lucky (g!)\'m Feeling Lucky

Google Image Search (gi) : USD to CAD (xe) : EUR to CAD (xee) : CAD to USD (xec) : JPY to CAD (xey) : GBP to CAD (xeg) : KRW to CAD (xek)

AllMusic Artist Search (am) (d)

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