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What Is This Thing About?

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Apparently, it's been so long since I wrote an update which consists of more than five sentences that I don't even remember what this page is about. Looking at the stats, I think I talk about eromanga, Doom 3 and tech news. Can I manage to assemble all three of these things in a coherent update that does not end in JPEGs stolen from an eromanga version of Azumanga Daioh? Probably not.

Nowadays, in the tech news world, what do you hear about? Security holes, of course. Security holes in WinAmp, security holes in Internet Explorer, security holes in PHP Nuke, yeah baby! They'll probably find a security hole sooner or later in Cup-A-Noodles which will get exploited by some 12-year old hacker somewhere in a far far away country with an average national income of two dollars per week. Canadian tire dollars, of course.

In other news, AMD has announced a new budget processor recently: the Sempron. Featuring low prices and performance rivalling the Celeron, AMD reaffirms its… what, why are you guys laughing? Oh right, Sempron. You're probably the kind of folks to find these two pictures funny, so here goes.

AMD Sempr0n

Typo: inexpenisve

What's left to talk about? Oh right, Doom 3 and eromanga. Well, I haven't played any Doom 3 recently, mostly due to the fact that it runs at a single digit framerate and that it is too dark. I mean, why can't the doom marine just duct tape his flashlight to his helmet or pistol? We all know that duct tape can hold anything together. Of course, I have no Doom 3 screenshots to place here, so I'll just put some random picture.

3D pr0n

Wow, 3D pr0n? Japan is definitely at the top of the adult industry, which brings us to the topic of eromanga. Of course, I'm really lazy and I won't even complete this paragraph and will instead post a picture.

Megaman pr0n

Uh, I hope I talked about the right stuff. Oh wait, I think this website was really about programming and ZXHTMLWK and Lunix and other geeky stuff. Ah well, go grab some images.

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